Why you should pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on

  • Water-Bottle-Duct-TapeBefore you leave home, wrap an empty water bottle with a couple yards of duct tape. Tear off tiny bits as needed to prevent blisters, repair a raincoat or to conceal valuables in unusual places (like the inside of a Band-aid box). In emergencies, duct tape can function like sutures or can be used to make a splint.
  • Pack your empty water bottle with a couple of envelopes of  instant coffee (like Starbucks Via) and vitamin enhancers. Throw in a couple of protein bars, too. After you get through airport security, fill the bottle with free water from a fountain or a restaurant. A little pre-trip planning will help stifle the impulse to overspend or to eat junk food during unexpected delays.
  • After you get back home, use the empty bottle to help you separate egg yolks.