Primland Resort: Magic in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Primland-Tree-HouseRemember the feeling you had as a kid when somebody finally invited you to visit the Secret Clubhouse? That’s how I felt when a friend invited me to visit Primland, a resort in Meadows of Dan, Va., where lodging options include the Golden Eagle Tree House, located at the 4th green of The Highland Course. Yes, it’s poised 2,000 feet above the Dan River Gorge, but it comes with postcard-quality vistas of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Primland is the sort of place that requires special radar. You’ll see it embroidered on high-end golf shirts, photo-splashed in glossy top-tier travel magazines and whispered among luxury travelers trusting their best friends to keep their special finds special.

“Southern hospitality is renowned all over the world, but our staff work hard to make sure a visit to Primland is a treat rather than a treatment,” says Steve Helms, vice president. “Over the last few years, we’ve added to the range of options available to our guests – from accommodations to dining to physically challenging pursuits that take place in a variety of locations across our 12,000-acre footprint.”

Every description of Primland sounds either like exaggeration or downright hyperbole. But it’s not.

Primland Great Hall

Primland Great Hall

When I describe my suite at Primland as the finest I’ve ever experienced, I mean it. But don’t think glitz and glam; think understated elegance. Plus every electronic gizmo you can think of.

Ambiance inside the 72,000-square foot Lodge is peaceful as an afternoon nap, quiet as a library and welcoming as your grandmother’s dinner table. Constructed with natural indigenous materials, The Lodge and three Fairway cottages reflect the architectural style of historic structures in the Virginia Mountains.

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Guests at Primland find their way around like friends, wandering in bathrobes to the spa, pool and fitness center. Others enjoy the movie theater or squeeze in a meeting in one of the boardrooms. And depending on the time of day, there is nearly always somebody feasting on farm-to-fork food, served in casual to fine dining settings.

These are definitely my kind of friends!