About Rebecca

Rebecca-mug-lighter-2Forget stuffy. Meet your new best friend.

For more than a decade, Rebecca’s mile-wide smile and gentle Southern drawl have endeared her to hearts around the world. Her signature style includes lipstick and pearls – whether she’s in a box seat at an opera house or in a boat seat on a fishing trip. Her writing reflects her personality: vibrant, authentic and inspirational.

Social Media

A self-described Boomer techie, Rebecca’s favorite gadget is an iPhone, from which she produces daily social media content for thousands of followers who comprise her virtual travel entourage. Want to join Rebecca on the road? Click any of the social media icons at the top of this page to connect with her on your favorite forums.


Rebecca loves to be on or near water – mostly because of her affinity for fishing. But she’s definitely not a fish snob. You’ll find her hugged up to a moss-laden cypress tree in Louisiana to catch crappie as easily as you’ll see her wading in a trickling stream in Scotland to fly fish for salmon. Fresh water or salt water makes no difference. Most of the time, though, her suitcase conceals another favorite gadget: a collapsible fishing rod.

Music Rebecca playing cello

A classically trained musician, Rebecca plays cello in a professional string quartet when she is not traveling. Consequently, she’s an easy pushover for performing arts of every variety: pop-up street shows, acoustic listening rooms, recording studios, improv clubs, dance halls (she loves to dance), live theater and ballet venues, concert stages and outdoor music festivals.

Health and Wellness

In 2011, Rebecca was plagued with health issues. “I was a pretty typical middle-adged woman,” she says. IMG_0687“Wrapped in a cocoon of fat, I clung to a cliff of morbid obesity. My sleep was soaked in sweat, riddled with nightmares and accompanied by the cacophony of my own snoring. Mornings were crippled by migraines. And my emotions teetered between Debbie Downer and Betty Bossy. Many days just didn’t seem worth the effort to survive.

“My jumpstart to sanity occurred when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition which had deprived me of restorative sleep and left me exhausted at a cellular level. Now, I’m a full time ambassador for CPAP machines–non-invasive prescriptive devices that keep the airway open during sleep. Voila! No more snoring. No more nightmares. No more migraines!

“As a result of feeling well-rested, my appetite has rebooted to normalcy. Instead of craving carbs for energy, I practice mindful eating as a pescatarian, but I still enjoy my coffee.

Rebecca running“In 2012, however, I regained 28 pounds after having had a nuclear blast to my overactive thyroid. (Don’t do that.) A minuscule daily dose of Synthroid plus a regimen of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy eventually returned my metabolism to normal and re-stabilized my emotions.

Now that I’ve lost 90 pounds, I’m training for my first 5K. My message to anyone else who may be struggling is this: Muster whatever energy you can to reach out for help. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who is not struggling, please be compassionate. Hardly anything can be reduced to something so simple as ‘a lack of willpower.’”

Rebecca actively seeks out story angles that encourage active, healthy lifestyles. She maintains her workout routines on the road and welcomes opportunities to share emerging trends in balanced living.

Personal Appearances

No one has ever accused Rebecca of being camera shy or at a loss for words. hire_me She enjoys radio and television interviews and is regularly available for speaking engagements.