Salmon fishing in Scotland

What happens on the Glorious 12th?

How do you go about stalking a real life Monarch of the Glen?

What is a Macnab?

If only I had read Rebertson’s Guide to Field Sports in Scotland before my guide from River & Green picked me up at The Gleneagles HotelRiver-Green

Had I read the book, I would have known who owns the rivers and the land and how much or how little you can pay for a a day’s fishing, as I did with a salmon casting champion who assists rods (anglers) on the Coupar Grange beat of the River Isle in Scotland. I would have had a better understanding of the part field sports play in conservation of the Scottish countryside. And I would have comprehended that while field sports are not the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous, they do comprise a heritage of etiquette as detailed as customs for country club cotillions in the Deep South of the U.S.

I would have known that my Columbia fishing pants and my North Face fleece pullover were not appropriate attire. 2013-09-06 10.02.21And my guide, Ian Walls, surely would have been spared a few embarrassing moments!2013-09-06 08.52.53

Nevertheless, learning to salmon fish with junior ghillie Jamie Cathro is one of my fondest memories on the water.